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Chiropractor Eagan MN Dr Gregg Poquette

Gregg Poquette D.C.

Growing up as the son of a chiropractor in the 60's and 70's, I thought getting adjusted regularly and taking vitamins was not unusual. Antibiotics, aspirin and other medications were for the people who had experienced severe trauma or were very ill. It wasn't until I was older that I began to realize that people were taking drugs on a regular basis for everyday problems.

My father had always said, "The power that made the body, heals the body." He was expressing one of chiropractic's basic tenets: healing comes from within; we are endowed with inherent healing abilities from our creator. This resonated in me, as I had lived without antibiotics, aspirin or other medications thus far in my life. The only medical doctor I had seen was when I broke my arm when I was eight.

Thus I became a chiropractor following in my father's footsteps. After receiving a biology degree from UW- River Falls, I enrolled at Northwestern Chiropractic College. I was kind of a science geek and learning how the body worked fascinated me. I was especially interested in how diet and nutrition were involved with the body's metabolism or chemistry. I still enjoy learning about how the body works to this day. I look forward to continuing education seminars as well as reading and researching on my own.

After practicing as a chiropractor in Eagan for a number of years, I have moved towards a "Wholistic/Vitalistic" philosophy. Vitalism states that there is more than just the physical matter comprising the body. There is an "energy" involved within the body. Einstein and quantum physics have proven that matter is "organized" energy. This has led to our developing "energy medicine" including laser therapy, meridian stress assessment, ionized water and cleansing as well as homeopathy and quality organic vitamins and supplements. Holistic refers to the concept that we are more than just a sum of our parts. We are intricate and complex in how we are designed and how one aspect of our body can influence other parts. For example, the thoughts we think have a profound influence our body chemistry and metabolism, or how the alignment of our feet can affect the alignment of the neck and head. This is what drives our care for you: helping you find what is interfering or preventing you from expressing the potential you were designed for.

When I am not practicing chiropractic at the office in Eagan, I am usually at home here in Eagan with my family. My wife Cathy and I have three kids although we are rapidly becoming empty-nesters. We enjoy the outdoors whether it is hiking, water skiing, golfing or driving with the top down. I enjoy working on old convertibles and I have two: a 1962 Chevy Impala and a 1995 Ford Mustang.

To keep pace with the kids and practice, I try to get adjusted at least a couple of times per month as well as working out a couple of times a week. I prefer a home workout with the Swiss/exercise ball and dumbbells. I do enjoy eating, but not as much cooking which makes it hard to eat right all the time. I try to adhere to a "Mediterranean" type of diet. This means eating more fruits and vegetables and lean meats. I definitely believe in supplementing my diet with vitamins and minerals and I take a variety of professional line products.

Thanks for visiting our site. I accept people where they are at in their health challenges, trying to encourage but never judging, (I'm far from perfect, just ask my wife), or pushing people beyond what they want or what they are comfortable with in their health and lifestyle choices. If you want chiropractic for pain relief only or whether optimal health is your goal, we are here to serve. Give our Eagan office a call or email me and I would be happy to help you anyway I can.

Chiropractor Eagan MN Andrew Meet Team

Andrew Poquette D.C.

Dr. Andrew was born and raised in Eagan, MN. Growing up he always enjoyed living an active lifestyle, playing any sport his parents would sign him up for. Dr. Andrew's passion for helping others led him to working within the Fairview hospital system in the physical therapy department after graduating from Mankato State.

Looking to find a platform to help patients become more proactive about their health Dr. Andrew decided to go back to school graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences university becoming a 3rd generation Chiropractor after his father and Grandfather.

Dr. Andrew spends his free time finding various nature walks he can go on with his dog, golfing whenever the Minnesota weather allows it, and working on cars with his dad and grandpa.

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